All this time my passion was into web design. As the years passed by, the needs of my clients grew. They want someone to optimise their websites for SEO. There was a demand. So, I grabbed the opportunity and learned everything I needed to know about the field.

Search engine optimisation has fascinated me. This even lead me to further my learning and apply every technique and algorithm there is to get good results. In return, I became a consultant for various companies helping them with their SEO needs.

Seeing how the performance of each of my clients websites is a testament that every day, week or month, the rankings are improving. This pushed me to learn more, do more and deliver quality SEO service.

With search engines getting more difficult to rank in, the challenge to have a website rank on the top page of Google increases. The good thing about it, I know the basics and even have a grasp of the more advanced techniques. This enables me to deliver results even with how challenging SEO can be even up to this very moment.

Trust your website to someone who knows SEO by heart, and that’s me! For a free quote, do drop me a line.